Miniature Ralph Lauren Sculptures

" A Small Polo Obsession…" Sculpture and art by Joseph Vaughan

The Raekwon Snow Beach/Cold Wave

The Raekwon Snow Beach/Cold Wave

“Can it all be so simple” ? Certainly the Wu Tang Clan official video in which Raekwon famously wore this track top did help propel this line from RL into the stratosphere.But its place can also perhaps be contributed in part by the bold,’in-your-face’ graphics with jarring florescent color scheme.It is controversial, some love it , some find it too garish. Even the reasoning behind the name of the line;”Snow Beach”,seems unfathomable….As if the clothes were somehow made for both opposites of the piste and the beach.This miniature recreation come complete with separate sections of clay for the name plate,arm patch and elbow patches.The clay has been distressed around the collar to give the impression of the inner fleece material.


2 comments on “The Raekwon Snow Beach/Cold Wave

  1. Travis
    November 16, 2014

    What is the price range of the sculptures? I am interested in the snowbeach. Thanks

    • joe2grand
      November 27, 2014

      hey – snow beach would be $120 US plus shipping – if you want it framed we can speak about that too- either in a regular box frame or bell jar

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