Miniature Ralph Lauren Sculptures

" A Small Polo Obsession…" Sculpture and art by Joseph Vaughan

Letter from David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren


Artist Joseph Vaughan writes : “I was recently very happy to receive a letter from David Lauren, son of Ralph Lauren regarding the miniatures i have been making. The story is that i was contacted by a lady at RLPC’s New York headquarters whereupon she explained she had come across this site and enquired for more information on the motivation and goals for the miniatures. I was then put in touch with a representative of Ralph Lauren at their communications division here in London, England.

I went along to their office in New Bond St (further down the same street the adult and separate children’s store are to be found). The people there were lovely and they were impressed by the pieces i had brought in to show them. I gave one of the silk crest miniatures as a gift and after some discussion on how and why i had been making them, the worldwide sub culture of collectors etc many ideas were tabled; including me producing a series for their top collectors and excitingly using the miniatures in a display in the newly opening store in New York. It was requested that the pieces i had brought in should be sent to New York so that office could see them in the flesh, which i agreed to.

Many months passed and eventually the pieces were returned and though i am disappointed that it seems the ideas are not to be immediately actioned i have been informed that my details are on file and there may be some movement towards involvement at some point in the future.

Upon opening the box containing the miniatures that were returned i found and opened the note above from David Lauren in which he very kindly said they were all very impressed by the pieces and that he wished me much success!”


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