Miniature Ralph Lauren Sculptures

" A Small Polo Obsession…" Sculpture and art by Joseph Vaughan

‘Fantasy’ Grandma Bear Knit


‘Fantasy’ Grandma Bear Knit

During the process of research and information gathering on collectable Ralph Lauren, amongst the opinions on which pieces constitute ‘Power Pieces’ etc various stories on unreleased or prototype pieces popped up.

One of the most famous was, of course, the ‘Never Ending Bear’ which has been realised by the artist in a previous post. Another story that captured his attention was the ‘Grandma Bear’. This concerns a counterpart to the ‘Grandpa Bear’ (also previously featured- and one that made it into production). The ‘Grandpa Bear’ is a very popular but rare knit and therefore commands very high prices amongst collectors. The story goes that a ‘Grandma Bear’ was also designed, she was sat on a rocking chair knitting a USA flag on her lap. Again, this bear has never actually been photographed and during conversations with RL designer and man behind the ‘Polo Bear’, Richard Tahsin stated he felt that the Grandma bear’s existence was probably not true……however he could not rule the possibility that someone else at RL had made it!

So here artist Joseph Vaughan has made fantasy reality….at least in miniature! The Grandma Bear sweater he has designed and made has her placed against a deep red sweater, similar to many of the other ‘Polo Bear’ sweaters, sitting on a wooden rocking chair, a little bow on her head and with a cute flouncy full length dress. Her knitting needles connect to the tiny USA flag that she knits on her lap with the ball of wool on the floor beside her. The year in which this was ‘released’ of course is anyone’s guess. The 90’s period was chosen as it is the most popular and collectable and 91 was chosen as, as far as Joseph Vaughan is aware, no Bear knits appear with that year’s stamp.


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