Miniature Ralph Lauren Sculptures

" A Small Polo Obsession…" Sculpture and art by Joseph Vaughan

Polo USA Uni Badge Sweatshirt

  The Polo USA ‘Uni Badge’ Sweatshirt. Currently the only miniature shirt that artist Joseph Vaughan has made featuring the highly regarded ‘Uni Badge’. This was a line of clothing … Continue reading

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Downhill Skier Sweater miniature

The Downhill Skier Sweater. Though not the rarest of items this lambswool ski neck sweater is still one of the most desirable knits. Simple and sleek in its design. Jet … Continue reading

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1992 Stadium Hurdle Man Jacket

  Surely a stand out piece..This light summer zip up jacket from the 1992 Stadium line is a sure fire hit among those lucky enough to own it. Another Dick … Continue reading

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93 Climb T shirt

This is an exceptionally rare piece….the 1993 Climb T shirt. Released as T-shirt, polo shirt with a collar, and also reportedly as a banner. It features a graphic of mountain … Continue reading

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Suicide Ski Coat

The Suicide Ski coat features a practically identical design to the sweatshirt (which is also featured as a miniature on this site) except for a difference to the placement of … Continue reading

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‘Fantasy’ Polo Sport Surfboard

Here artist Joseph Vaughan imagines another collectable piece of Polo Ralph Lauren which currently has not been available. This Polo Sport surfboard takes its graphics inspiration from a highly prized … Continue reading

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Polo Cookie Sailboat Jacket Miniature

Another jacket featuring the nautical/ sailing theme, though this time a shorter bodied jacket and sporting the round ‘cookie’ patch. The impressive graphic on the rear features a sailboat with … Continue reading

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